Designer Tote Bags

Shop to your heart’s content with our one of a kind durable and spacious Tote
bags, each embossed with a line art design created by our current MFPA president &
mouth artist Serge Maudet.

Iconic Collection

Iconic Collection

New Wave Collection

New Wave Collection

Vogue Collection

Vogue Collection

Customer Testimonials

  • Madhavi Dighe

    "I loved the product it is very nice"

  • Charu Kalra

    "Loved the handle provided for these bags which are very comfortable to use"

  • Rahila k

    "I appreciate the thoughtful artistry behind each bag."

  • Neha Kapoor

    "It’s the little things that matter, and the MFPA designs on these shopper bags make them extra special. Truly impressed!"

  • Nisha Mehta

    "I got a set of these shopper bags for my family, and we all love them"

  • Anita Rao

    "Love the convenience and strength of these bags."

  • Kavita Verma

    "They are spacious, reliable. Highly recommended!"

  • Amit Desai

    "Impressed by the quality of these bags. I’ve been using mine for months, and it’s as good as new. Thinking of getting another in red!"

  • Pooja sharma

    "Bought one in blue, and now my sister wants the same! These shopper bags are seriously strong and look super cool."

  • Monika Trehan

    "I am your donor from last many years saw your advertisement on facebook so ordered it, I like the fabric quality it is very nice"

  • Anupama Jain

    "The bag is best, I keep ordering products from you like mugs, paintings, bags and I really love them"

  • Samreena Nadeem

    "The bag I got is really very nice"

  • Shalini Vinay

    "Liked the fabric and design, just a suggestion please add a ring which keychains have to the key to close the zipper"

  • Nafeesa Azmathullah

    "I liked the bag purchased saw your advertisement and thought of purchasing which is same as seen in the promotional ad"

  • Niraimathi D

    "Loved the fabric and the colour"

  • Chandalawada Shridhar

    "Loved the shopping bag with good spacing as well as the fabric quality"

  • Zia Sud

    "Just loved this bag, the capacity of the bag is nice with good quality fabric"

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