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Fountain - Grey Chinese Collar Cotton Linen Shirt

7494 5995 20% OFF

Electric Current - Off-White Chinese Collar Cotton Linen Shirt

4994 3995 20% OFF

Hunt - White Cotton Linen Shirt

6244 4995 20% OFF

Retiro Park - Beige Cotton Satin Shirt

7494 5995 20% OFF

Houtaai - Grey Cotton Linen Shirt

4994 3995 20% OFF

Woodcutter Hunt - Blue Cotton Linen Shirt

6244 4995 20% OFF

High Winds - White Cotton Linen Shirt

4994 3995 20% OFF

San Giorgio - Light Blue Cotton Linen Shirt

4994 3995 20% OFF

The Woodcutter - Blue Cotton Satin Shirt

4994 3995 20% OFF

Retiro Pond - Navy Blue Cotton Satin Shirt

4994 3995 20% OFF

Cibeles - Black Cotton Linen Shirt

6244 4995 20% OFF

Customer Testimonials

  • Sagar Patel

    "Superb Quality and excellent fit !!!"

  • Aditya Patkar

    "I want to express my gratitude to the talented artists behind the formal shirt I recently acquired. Their creativity and skill shine through in every stitch."

  • Priya J

    "My husband was thrilled with the formal shirt I got him, designed by Mouth and Foot painting artists. The intricate designs truly make it a standout piece. "

  • John Smith

    "I recently purchased a formal shirt designed by Mouth and Foot painting artists, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are exceptional."

Designer Shirts for Men: Elevating Your Style and Confidence

Designer shirts for men aren't just clothes – they're like a secret weapon that can really boost your style, confidence, and how people see you. Imagine wearing one and feeling like a million bucks! Picking the right shirt for the right occasion is like an art.! These luxurious designer shirts leave a lasting first impression. For special events such as parties or evening gatherings, these luxurious designer shirts are a must-have. Additionally, they can be layered under a linen or cotton jacket for an elegant yet stylish look. Doué designer shirts bring a touch of fun to any occasion, so choose one for good times

Types of Designer Shirts for Men:

When it comes to men's fashion, designer shirts for men are a must-have in any wardrobe. These shirts not only elevate your style but also make you look sharp and classy. Let's explore different types of designer shirts that every man should consider, from shirts for mens that are perfect for luxurious occasions, grand ceremonies to those stylish ones that add flair to your everyday look.

Casual Designer Shirts:

Casual designer shirts strike the right balance between relaxed and well-groomed appearance. They're perfect for a variety of occasions. You can wear them with jeans for a relaxed style or match them with dressier pants for a smart-casual appearance.

Designer Printed Shirts:

Designer printed shirts feature a wide range of prints, from abstract designs to bold graphics. They allow you to express your individuality and add a touch of creativity to your outfit.

Mens Designer Linen Shirts:

In hot, humid weather, mens designer linen shirts are your best friend. They are lightweight, breathable, and give you a relaxed yet refined appearance, making them ideal for summer outings.

Mens Luxury Designer Shirts:

For those special occasions and prestigious events, consider mens luxury shirts. They often come in unique designs and are perfect for luxury gatherings.
Mens luxury shirts are all about top-notch quality. They're made from the best materials like super-soft cotton and silk, so they feel great and last a long time. These shirts are tailored really well, so they fit perfectly. When you wear mens luxury shirts, you feel confident and extra classy all day. Plus, they're built to last, so they stay in your wardrobe for a really long time. Doué pays attention to every little detail while making them, and that's what makes these shirts so special.

Stylish Designer Shirts for Mens:

If you're looking to stand out and showcase your style, opt for stylish shirts for mens at Doué. Stylish shirts for mens offer lots of choices. They come in different styles, like cool prints and unique cuts, so you can try out new looks. These shirts help you show your true self and your individuality. With their eye-catching colours and designs, stylish shirts for mens make sure you stand out in any crowd. Wearing them lets you express your creativity. Plus, they're like a source of motivation, making you feel awesome in your own skin. So, go ahead, explore the world of stylish shirts for mens, and let your wardrobe shine with your unique style.

Satin Designer Shirts for Men:

When you're after the ultimate in luxury and elegance, think about satin designer shirts for men. These designer shirts for men are made from a beautiful satin fabric, giving them a smooth, lavish, and trendy look. They are perfect for parties, guaranteeing that you leave a lasting impression. Choose satin designer shirts for men to enhance your style and feel truly heroic at any special occasion. Discover the best satin designer shirts for men at Doué.

Cotton Designer Shirts for Men:

For a comfortable and adaptable choice, consider cotton designer shirts for men. These designer shirts for men are crafted from premium cotton, offering both style and ease. Whether you're in a warm or cool climate, cotton designer shirts for men provide the ideal balance of comfort and a timeless look. Our Doué Cotton designer shirts have a classic appeal, giving you a rich and enduring style that never goes out of fashion. So, if you're heading to a casual get-together, cotton designer shirts for men are your reliable choice to stay fashionable and comfortable, no matter the season.

Buy Designer Shirts for Men Online at Doué

In the digital age, the world of shopping has undergone a remarkable transformation. Gone are the days of spending hours in stores, searching for that perfect designer shirt. With the advent of online shopping platforms like Doué, finding and purchasing the ideal designer shirt for men has never been more convenient and enjoyable.
Buying designer shirts for men online at Doué is incredibly easy. Doué's user-friendly website makes it easy to filter, compare, and explore styles and prices. With a vast range of designer shirts, you'll find the perfect match for your style. Plus, secure transactions and hassle-free payments ensure a smooth shopping experience. And the best part? Your chosen designer shirt arrives right at your doorstep, making online shopping at Doué a delightful experience for men's fashion enthusiasts.

Designer Shirts for Men’s Online With Price

At Doué, we proudly present an exclusive range of designer shirts for men online. Elevate your wardrobe with our selection of luxurious designer men's shirts, wholeheartedly crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Experience true luxury with Doué, all while enjoying transparent pricing that makes luxurious men's shirts both inspirational and attractive to all. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and value at Doué.
Here's a glimpse of the pricing landscape for designer shirts for men on Doué:

Designer Shirts for Mens Price
Fountain - Grey Chinese Collar Cotton Linen Shirt ₹5995
Electric Current - Off - White Chinese Collar Cotton Linen Shirt ₹3995
Hunt - White Cotton Linen Shirt ₹4995
Retiro Park - Beige Cotton Satin Shirt ₹5995
Houtaai - Grey Cotton Linen Shirt ₹3995
Woodcutter Hunt - Blue Cotton Linen Shirt ₹4995
High Winds - White Cotton Linen Shirt ₹3995
San Giorgio - Light Blue Cotton Linen Shirt ₹3995
The Woodcutter - Blue Cotton Satin Shirt ₹3995
Retiro Pond - Navy Blue Cotton Satin Shirt ₹3995
Cibeles - Black Cotton Linen Shirt ₹4995

Why should you shop designer shirts at Doué?

Explore the world of men's designer shirts and discover how they can enhance your outfits.
And when you're searching for the finest designer shirts at Doué, you're in for a delightful surprise. At Doué we take pride in supporting artists who have confronted life's most daunting challenges. These individuals, despite facing accidents, birth defects, or illness, which left them unable to use their arms, didn't give up. Their self-confidence is more than luxurious; they rewrote their own stories through art, painting with their mouths or feet. Here's the remarkable part: these paintings are reprinted on the designer shirts. These shirts possess their own inspiring charm, boosting their beauty with this unique touch. So, when you wear one of these designer shirts, it's not merely clothing; it's proudly showcasing a masterpiece created by confident artists who will inspire your confidence too!

FAQs Related to Designer Shirts for Men

When it comes to men's fashion, questions often arise about what to wear, how to style it, and why certain choices matter. In this section, we have shared some of the most frequently asked questions related to designer shirts for men.

Every man's wardrobe should ideally include a variety of shirts to cover various occasions and styles. Here's a list of essential shirts that every man should consider having:

Black shirts:

Black shirts are all about timeless elegance. They are the best and most attractive choice for both formal and semi-formal occasions, offering a classic and sleek look. Black shirts can be dressed up effortlessly. They pair well with a range of colours and are suitable for events like parties, dates, or even as part of a stylish all-black ensemble. They also have a slimming effect, making them a popular choice for those looking to appear slimmer, which is always a bonus!.

Crisp White Dress Shirt:

A white dress shirt is a timeless classic that can be worn for formal events, business meetings, or even dressed down for casual occasions.

Light Blue Dress Shirt:

Similar to white, a light blue dress shirt is versatile and pairs well with different suits and ties.

Patterned Dress Shirt:

Adding a patterned dress shirt, like stripes or checks, can provide variety to your formal attire.

Casual Button-Down Designer Shirt:

These are perfect for relaxed outings, weekends, or casual Fridays at the office.

Polo Shirt:

A classic polo shirt is comfortable and great for smart-casual occasions.

Denim Shirt:

Denim shirts are versatile and can be dressed up or down. They're perfect for a rugged yet stylish look.

Flannel Shirt:

Ideal for colder seasons, flannel shirts offer both warmth and style.

Remember, the key is to have a balance between formal and casual shirts to suit a wide range of events and personal styles.

Which type of shirt is trending now?

Fashion trends evolve constantly, but as of the latest trends, here are some designer shirt styles that have gained popularity:

Printed Shirts:

Bold prints and artistic designs are making a comeback, adding a touch of flair to casual wear.

Oversized Shirts:

The oversized shirt trend provides a relaxed and comfortable look. Pair with fitted bottoms for balance.

Sustainable Shirts:

As more people care about the environment, clothing that's good for the planet, like sustainable shirts, is becoming popular in fashion.

Monochromatic Styles:

Simple, one-colour shirts with neat designs are trendy and never go out of style.
Trends can vary by season and region, so it's essential to choose styles that align with your personal taste and comfort.

Why should we wear designer shirts?

Wearing designer shirts offers several advantages:

Quality and Craftsmanship:

Designer shirts are often crafted with perfect attention to detail and use high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort.

Unique Designs:

Designer shirts often feature unique and innovative designs that set them apart from mass-produced alternatives.

Personal Expression:

Designer shirts allow you to express your individual style and personality through your clothing choices.

Confidence Boost:

Well-fitted and stylish designer shirts can boost your self-confidence and leave a lasting impression on others.


Quality designer shirts are built to last, making them a worthwhile investment that can serve you for years.
In essence, wearing designer shirts sets an inspiration for heroism, as it signifies a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and personal style, ultimately enhancing your overall appearance and self-confidence..

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